“I had an unbelievable experience with Kelly Pratt at Helping-Hands Care Studio. Kelly was very professional and kind. Her experience and kindness made my visit a very memorable one. If you haven’t tried Reiki and are struggling with outer and inner struggles, then an appointment with the owner, Kelly, is a must! I highly recommend her for all healing needs. She is one of a kind, and her own life journey helps her be a huge asset to her company.”

 – Angela.  January 2019

“I recently went to Kelly for a Reiki session and it was a great experience! I went in to see her because I was going through a rough time emotionally and also was in hope of relieving some pain from an illness. She guided me through meditation, which quickly put me at ease and relaxed me. When she began with the Reiki, I could feel the warm energy coming from her hands on each of my energy centers. Once she got to my heart center, I began to cry as soon as I felt the energy from her hands over my heart. It was as if I was being covered in a warm blanket full of love! It’s the only way I can describe it. It definitely helped heal past heartaches and unresolved emotions I had suppressed. I have more movement than before I went in to see her. I definitely recommend anyone to get a Reiki session from her, it’s a healing experience that leaves you feeling lifted, peaceful, relaxed, and in a good mood.”

 – Terri.  June 2018