A traditional Japanese technique where in the practitioner accesses the flow of energy in a persons body to improve their physical, mental and emotional health while combating stress and tension.


Check with your physician for chronic or current health issues. Reiki can be an excellent compliment in your health and wellness plan.


Reiki Can Improve Your Health

Promotes Harmony & Balance

Creates Deep Relaxation and Helps the Body to Release Stress and Tension

Dissolves Energy Blocks & Promotes Natural Balance Between Body, Mind and Spirit

Assists the Body in Cleansing Itself from Toxins and Supports the Immune System


Helps Spiritual Growth and Emotional Healing

Compliments Medical Treatment & Other Therapies

You can Learn Reiki for Yourself

Clears the Mind & Improves Focus as You Feel Grounded & Centered

 Aids in Better Sleep

Accelerates the Body’s Self-Healing Ability as You Start to Return to Your Natural State

Helps Relieve Pain & Supports the Physical Body Healing


Reiki is not meant to replace treatment from a licensed medical or psychological health care provider.

It will compliment all forms of medical treatments as well as natural and alternative therapies.

There are no medical complications from Reiki treatment.

As a Reiki practitioner, Kelly Pratt does not diagnose conditions, perform medical treatments, prescribe medications, or interfere with the treatments provided by your professional healthcare provider.