Coaching is truly a life changing experience.

Coaching is truly a life changing experience. Everyone needs a coach! No matter your lifestyle and goals, coaching helps you address any existing issues, develop future plans and implement effective strategies, feel better and check in with yourself on a regular basis in a positive, constructive safe place.

What is more important is to come up with clear answers. The answers lead to breakthroughs, and the ability to implement strategies to improve your life in a deep and long-lasting manner. Don’t waste any more time getting your life together.

  • To determine if areas in your life need balancing, ask yourself:
  • Do you find certain life situations are often challenging you?
  • Are there areas of your life you are unhappy or even angry about?
  • Are you experiencing mixed emotions or unbalanced emotional states?
  • Have you been refusing to deal with certain long-standing problems?
  • Are there issues from your past that need to be released?

If you have answered any of the above questions with a yes response, perhaps you should consider spiritual counseling as a means of helping you learn new ways to create harmony, love and happiness in all levels of your body and your life.

Together we will:

  • Identify the cause of your issues
  • Breakthrough your limiting beliefs
  • Set clear goals
  • Develop a plan
Life Coaching in Knoxville
Please contact me to book an appointment. I will send you an email asking to confirm the time and preferred method of video sharing as well as information needed for your reading. (Whats app works well). About 20 minutes prior to your scheduled time, you will open the ceremony space for yourself. (details will be provided to you ahead of time). At the scheduled time, I will video call you. We will begin with a quick guided meditation to quiet our minds and zone-in. I will then pull the cards and share with you what I see. After the call it can be helpful to have a journal to write down first impressions and take aways from the reading. Sometimes it takes time to marinate and often make sense later.