About Me

I have helped many people to deal with accidents, grief, illness and loss. Reiki has been a powerful force for healing in each of our lives, and I bring my experience and passion to the people I provide sessions to. If you long to feel peace, a renewed spirit and want to develop your own innate strength, please call for an appointment today!

Promoting Harmony and Balance

Kelly is a Reiki Master with a lifetime of understanding her own place in the healing world. Her intuitive abilities and knowledge were passed down by her Mother, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother. She also teaches and practices Animal Reiki and Animal Grief Coaching.
She¬† incorporates experiential knowledge, divine wisdom and formal education into her reiki and coaching practice. Her coaching helps people move toward a life of clarity, compassion, courage and conviction as she weaves spiritual and energetic concepts into daily living practices. Kelly helps people move from the “shoulds” that aren’t working in life toward a life filled with passion and purpose – from the inside out, rather than the outside in – from a place of scattered or rigid thoughts and ideas to a place in which mind, body, and spirit are aligned. She helps move people from a place of indecision, worry, guilt and shame to a place of peace, acceptance, love and abundance.

Kelly Pratt


  • Reiki Master
  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • Animal Reiki Teacher

Graduated from The Holistic Institute of Wellness