Our Services

Reiki helps to induce deep relaxation, help people and animals cope with difficulties, relieve emotional stress and improve overall wellbeing.


A Traditional Japanese technique focusing on flow of energy to improve physical, mental and emotional health while combating stress and tension.

Want to know more about how Reiki can benifit your health?  Take a look at our Reiki page.

Animal Reiki

Animal Healing – Reiki provides relaxation, stress reduction and healing on any animal- anywhere.  Reiki’s healing energy is used to help animals to rebalance on physical, mental, emotional, and energetic levels. In-person and long- distance sessions are available. Animals react very well to the gentle energy flowing through them.  It calms & soothes and therefore aids their own healing process.  To learn more visit our Animal Reiki Page

Tarot Readings

A form of psychic reading. Receive spiritual guidance and loving support. Discover a new understanding of the spiritual and divine gifts we have all been given.

Intuitive Coaching

No matter your lifestyle and goals, coaching helps you address any existing issues, develop future plans and implement effective strategies, feel better and check in with yourself on a regular basis in a positive, constructive safe place.

Home & Business Blessings

Experience a specialized form of energetic clearing that harmonizes and balances the flow of energy in spaces at very deep levels. It is like clearing energetic “cobwebs” that create stress in our homes, workplaces, and lives.

Additional Services