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Tarot Readings

Hi, I am Kelly and I have been reading tarot cards for over 20 years. I look to tarot and intuitive guidance for predictions and manifesting. My approach is all about keeping it real. A lot of insight and one of the most powerful tools ever developed for personal growth, insights and healing. If you have never had a reading before, consider it like a coaching session that includes self-awareness, predictions, solutions, and guidance.

Trusted and accurate in-person or online tarot readings. Get your tarot reading or tarot coaching session on Zoom, Whats app or in-person and get clear answers for anything on your mind from work to love to finances and more. Whether you are trying to find your path, launch a new business, dealing with loss and trauma, depression, stress and anxiety, improving relationships, anger management, or personal growth.

Utilize my access to Divine information to help pull back the veil of what’s blocking your fulfillment and help you lead a more joyful existence! My intuitive readings can put you on your BEST path.

Getting a psychic or intuitive reading from a professional can have a profound effect in your life, by giving you spiritual guidance, be a life coach, be a spiritual advisor and provide direction that is so hard for most people to find. This can come in several different forms, such as tarot card reading or reiki treatments.

Tarot Card Reading


1 Thirty Minute Session

Tarot Card Reading


1 Sixty Minute Session



Call me for pricing – 843.241.5359


Event Services

I read tarot cards in a way that is insightful, positive and FUN! Each guest will get a one-on-one reading that will leave them amazed and excited by what they hear. I can add zest your party giving people insight into their lives.



Mediumship Gallery in Your Home

Gather your friends and family and host a mediumship event! We will bring through messages from loved ones who have crossed over. Although not everyone is guaranteed to receive messages (depending on the size of the group and who chooses to come through). Its always entertaining, enlightening and comforting to experience proof that life continues after we leave human form.


Psychic Tarot Reading Parties

Readings for you and all your friends. Great for conventions, birthdays, bachelorette parties, holiday parties and special celebrations!

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Tarot Reading Empress

“What I like best about Kelly, is that she has clearly dedicated her God-given abilities to provide spiritual guidance and support to others.”

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